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Roundup - GAP 2011 World Alpine skiing Championship.

Posted by Urban Laurenčič under FIS Journalist
Feb 25, 2011

The times ensuing the 2006 Garmisch-Partenkirchen World Cup showed german skiing as a whole, in a dire position. The aim therefore in creating this competition was to promote skiing in a land where football and biathlon rule.
The Games on the Snow were created in that perspective, emulating the championship’s slogan in the process. However nature had a different conception of fun as it overwhelmed the games first, with ice and then with slush.This turned out in the to severely sap the overall quality of the competition. Damaged tracks and tons of snow salt covered with PTX was the principal source of troubles to the competitors.

Just take a look at the barren hills, where only a few white spots could be found. Those actually made the racing tracks and it wasn’t to impress neither. To add misery to all these weather complications, we also got to witness during the first part of the championship some very messy timings indeed. A fact that stands utterly unacceptable for a competition of such level, to say the least. The second part of the championship somehow saw those issues resolved, although doubts are still raised about some of the results. The International Ski Federation (FIS) can now expect to receive quite a few complaints from the other national ski federations.

TV production during the championship didn’t shine too bright either. The direction too managed their fair share of mistakes, partly due to the no optimal positioning of the track cameras.

In competitive terms, Austria, despite having its team ravaged by injuries still managed to maintain its status as the best ski nation. The credit for this, however, goes primarily to the girls, who took as many as four gold medals.
The biggest disappointment in term of results was the German team. The German organisers wanted to make a serial champion out of their favourite competitor, Maria Riesch. Instead, they ended up dragging her from one “dog show “ to another. Yet, despite feeling sick and exhausted, the First Lady of the World Cup still managed to take home two bronze medals, which is still less than the tally the Germans were hoping for as well as in stark contarst with the world Alpine skiing audience’s expectations.

With this prestation,it can be said that the Germans didn’t exactly demonstrate to be the perfect candidate to host the 2018 Munich Winter Games. However, we all know that other factors come in contention when it will be time to decide the championships’s host. The curtains has now been drawn in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It now remains to be seen if Schladming will see any significant improvement.

Original text by Urban Lavrenčič translated from the Slovene by Christian Ngalikpima.

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Megève Hotels with spectacular views of the mountains

Posted by V. Gundi under About Ski Resorts
Feb 21, 2011

There are many traditional ski resorts and alpine communities in France and one of them is Megève. Guests love to visit the Megève’s skiing area known as Domaine Évasion Montblanc. Megève and the entire Domaine Évasion Montblanc have the best ski slopes in Europe. There are excellent hotels in Megève that will meet everyone’s preferences, budget and requirements.

One of the best Megève hotels is HMC Hotel l’Arboisie. This hotel is centrally located on Mount Arboise Road and offers one of the most fantastic views of the village. This hotel offers beautifully appointed and spacious rooms perfect for guests looking for an ideal mountain resort experience. Another tourist accommodation that boasts of breathtaking views of the mountains is Lodge Park. The proximity of the Lodge Park Hotel to the casino gives their guests an alternative activity during the evenings.

Another hotel in Megève that has a great view of the mountains is Au Coin du Feu. The welcoming atmosphere of this charming hotel will give you that feeling of a home away from home. Guests will love to have a quiet and romantic dinner in their cozy restaurant that serves a wonderful blend of European dishes.

One of the most recommended Megève hotels is Le Fer de Cheval located in the heart of the village. This quaint and beautifully maintained hotel offers excellent cuisine surrounded by antiques in rustic settings. It is not cheap but the price you pay for the experience of staying in Le Fer de Cheval is worth it.

There are many other hotels in Megève that cater for couples, families and groups. All the hotels in Megève offer great service and are sure to make your holiday a memorable experience.

For a full listing of Megève hotels, we advise you to visit the following link http://www.mountvacation.com/en/france/megeve/, where you will be able to read reviews, view pictures and tariffs of all the accommodation found in Megève

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Ten things to do in Zell am See this 2010-2011 winter season.

Posted by admin under About Ski Resorts
Feb 21, 2011

It is this time of the year again. The time to book our well earned holidays in the snow for this years skiing season. This time around, the place in question is Zell am See, a hub of activities that has thousands flocking each year onto its pistes and cross country trail. Beginners, proficient as well as professionals have made, throughout the years, of Zell am See Kaprun their place of choice to indulge in snow sports activities, which are aplenty in Zell am (as it is also known by the regulars).

Below are ten indoors as well as outdoors activities, among many others, this great ski destination has to offer:

1. Skiers, snowboarders and free riders will be able to ski until satiated on the 138 km of pistes covering all levels of difficulty. For the mountains and the glaciers surrounding Zell am see provide snow all year round, allowing thus to hit the slopes at any time.

2. If you are not one for the thrills of the down hills, the you will be able to take advantage of the 200 km of x-country trails that can be found in the region.

3. If cross country is still too fast for you, and would like to extract all the pleasures of the incredible pristine nature on offer in Zell am See, then you should take up the Nordic Walking. A sport that will help you to not only keep fit, but that will also have you in awe of the majestic scenery that litter this exceptional alpine region.

4. What about trying the snow under ( or over) a new perspective? Snow kiting offers just that and will have you gliding at speed reaching up to 75km/hr. Not for the faint hearted one might say!

5. This one is special for the whole family, as this activity will enthuse children and adults alike. Tobogganing, will get you to roll back the years to your childhood, while children will discover the pleasure of snow through this fun activity.

Now, you might have taken your family to a nice holiday in the snow, but are not a snow enthusiast yourself! Well, fret not as you will not run short of indoor activities in the ski resort of Zell am.

6. Grab your rackets, not the snow ones, I must make mention, for you will be able to play indoor tennis in the modern tennis halls available on site.

7. This one is more for the ladies, although their companions are more than welcome to join. Hit the gym and pools for some aqua fitness, aerobics, Tae Bo and many more similar activities…

8. Zell am See has managed something quiet exceptional that will get you to blend the pleasure of nature with art, as you will be able to admire some giant sculptures in an area covering 180hectares and that are part of a project started back in the 50’s called »Gallery on the pistes«.

9. After a hard day skiing the pistes of Zell am See Kaprun, time to relax. And that can be done with some massages, aroma therapies, Turkish baths that can all be found in the Optimum Kaprun spa centre. It will keep you fresh and revitalised throughout your stay.

10. And once the day is done and the children are fast asleep, you will be able to indulge in one of the resorts favourite activity, PARTYING. You will be amazed by the night life in this part of Mozart country. The town at night get vibrant, and you will never run out of options to spend a memorable evening in Zell am See.

So there you are! Ten activities that will keep you and your family busy throughout your stay in Zell am See Kaprun. And believe you me, after your stay, you will really give a thought as to whether to make of Zell am your future regular ski holidays destination.

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Seasonal chaos at the world championship in GAP 2011.

Posted by Urban Laurenčič under FIS Journalist
Feb 18, 2011

It seems that lately, Peter Fischer, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Alpine skiing World Cup has started to lose his nerves. On top of his already busy schedule, he had to answer at a press conference some pretty embarrassing questions concerning some race timing errors in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

It is absolutely ridiculous, that in 2011, and on a big stage such as the Alpine skiing world championship, that the timing of competitors cannot be effected without flaws. Errors can be seen on TV, and even more so in the finish arena. Split times are inaccurate or completely off the mark, with some of the lapses just being down right comical. This is taking some of the gloss away from a sport that has millions of TV viewers who are now stripped of the overwhelming emotion that the hundredth usually arouses during the races. This time around, ALGE, the Austrian company in charge of race timing, has come out as the guilty part, although it is Swiss timing that is usually in charge of timing the World cup races.

The organizers saved up by signing a “better deal”, effectively putting their trust in a less experienced timing company. They are now of course very sorry about the decision taken, not only because it totally ridicules the other strong sponsor, the reputed watch maker HUBLOT, that sees its brand name being displayed under each timed result, albeit the race being timed by the Austrian outfit.

Hublot coughed out the money to give its brand more exposure, but had almost no say in the selection of the timer to be used at the competition. This has turned out to be a nightmare for Hublot, whose hope of generating good publicity in Garmisch-Partnekirchen ends up piling embarrassment instead. The company is now directing all its efforts towards informing the public that the time is being measured by someone else.

The damage has now been repaired by the International Ski Federation, which has now amended all the results. The FIS manager Francesco Cattaneo gave assurances that all the times are absolutely correct; an assurance not shared by the journalist and some of the TV broadcasters.

The most blatant example was that of the Slovene athlete Tina Maze in the Super Slalom, who had her first time cancelled, then later reinstated. She was eventually granted the official time of 1:25:06. Slovenian and Swiss television replayed, second by second, Tina Maze’s run over and over again on their computer. At 1:25:06 Tina is at least ten meters past the finish line. Following a detailed video-analysis, it was actually considered that the excellent Slovene skier would have clocked a time half a second faster. This would have in effect meant a progression from 11th to 5th place, had that time been taken into account.

The Slovenian Ski Association is now preparing a formal complaint that must first comply with all the legal provisions. However the FIS has a rule that prevents television images being taken into account in the timing of races, rendering the chances of getting an appeal pretty slim.

The biggest problem with this farce is that each timed run falls now under severe scrutiny. When it comes to Alpine skiing, only one thing matters, and it is the race time. A single error and the whole process comes immediately under the microscope, along with the integrity of the championship.
ALGE blames high temperatures and a very loud sound system being used, which at certain frequencies can affect the time measurement. Absolute nonsense if you ask me, as some of the world championship races are held in some more extreme weather conditions without a hitch.

As far as things stand, it appears that they cannot put their finger on the error, and therefore one can now expect chaos right until the end of the championship. Nothing will change at this championship.
It is only when we will reminisce of this year’s Garmisch-Partnekirchen medal winners that we as reporters, we will mention the farce in which times where all put under scrutiny.

Original text by Urban Lavrenčič translated from the Slovene by Christian Ngalikpima.

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Historical first Snowboard ride in Montmartre, Paris, France

Posted by Christian Ngalikpima under Other
Feb 15, 2011

Great video! Check these lads snowboarding Paris asif it was the last place left on earth to do so. It’s fun and HISTORICAL, watch It!

Unfortunately we don not have any chalets to rent in Paris. It’s giving me ideas though! However, should you really want to escape on a lovely ski holidays simply visit our site at http://www.mountvacation.com.

    Paris - Montmartre_Google maps


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Mountvacation.com presents new ski maps its site.

Posted by Christian Ngalikpima under Press Release
Feb 11, 2011

ski-map-sampleMountVacation, mountain and ski accommodation provider, with more than 3800 properties across the best resorts in Europe, has pimped its site with a brand a new feature on its destinations and hotels pages: the long awaited ski pistes maps.
As from now, when making a reservation for you next ski holidays or just browsing the site for special deals, ski holidays, accomm0odation or more generally for information, you’ll also be able to view the maps of the ski slopes on specific ski resorts. The Ski maps show the start and end of each track within a chosen resort or ski area, but also the colour of each them: green, blue, red or black, according to the level of difficulties, with black being the hardest.

Alternatively, if you’re browsing hotels, then the ski maps showing the location of the accommodation according to tracks around. Mountvacation listened to its clients and understood that it is indeed a crucial information to provide to its visitors.

As you know, ski maps are essential information to any hardened or beginner skier or snowboarder who desire to book their ski holiday. Ski pistes maps are courtesy of Snowranger.com, the map provider for Garmin GPS equipment giant. As you will notice not all the resorts have their maps, although the main ones are covered, But fret not, as we are in the progress of adding more ski maps, the aim being to provide evry single skiing area with a details maps of its skiing tracks. MountVacation obviously tries to update as many of the resorts as is possible, and will notify its clients as soon as they will be available on the site. In the mean time, you can visit our website which displays enough information to help you plan the vacation of your expected on slopes.
In addition, MountVacation is pleased to announce that it will also be very soon including snow reporting, current weather conditions, weather and snow forecast as well as the history of snow fall for the last 10 years within a given region or locality. This will be added to the site soon, and a notification will be sent once operational.
To view some of the ski maps just visit a destination or accommodation in http://www.mountvacation.com/, where you will also have the chance to book your long awaited, hard earned ski holidays.

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Popular Val d’Isere Hotels, France.

Posted by V. Gundi under About Ski Resorts
Feb 10, 2011

With an average snowfall of five meters, vertical skiing range of 1900 meters and 300 kilometers of pistes, Val d’Isere is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in the Savoie area in France. Visitors enjoy skiing in Val d’Isere because a lift ticket can also give them the chance to explore its neighboring areas Paradiski and Les Trois Vallées. Since Val d’Isere is a favorite destination for tourists during winter and also in summer, there are allot of tourist residences and hotels in Val d’Isere to accommodate guests.

One of the many hotels in Val d’Isere is Chalet Hotel Le Fjord. This hotel is located in the community’s main street and is a few steps away from many après-ski attractions. The hotel is housed in a nice building with very well furnished rooms. Another hotel in Val d’Isere is Chalet Hotel Le Val d’Isere located in the centre of Val d’Isere. The hotel is a few meters away from the Bellevarde and Solaise lifts. If a guest wants to relax after a long day of skiing, there is a therapy complex beside the hotel called the Therapeos spa.

UCPA Val d’Isere is one of the hotels in Val d’Isere that is located three minutes from the towns centre. The hotel has its own dining room, bar, ski and board hire shop and even a night club. Breakfast is served buffet style, lunch is a do-it-yourself picnic and after a long day of skiing, guests can enjoy a four course dinner at the hotel.

Another hotel in Val d’Isere is Chalet Hotel Cygnaski. This hotel has a beautiful lounge area with a huge log fire and stone chimney where guests can relax and socialize.

Simply visit our page of Val d’Isere hotels for more accommodation options and info.

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GAP - Countdown to 2011 FIS World Alpine Championship

Posted by Urban Laurenčič under FIS Journalist
Feb 9, 2011
GAP - countdown to the world alpine skiing world cup
GAP - countdown to the world alpine skiing world cup

1978 was the last time Bavaria saw a huge sporting event such as this year’s Alpine skiing world championship. Garmisch-Partenkirchen has repeatedly bided for the past 33 years to become the host of the competition, but in vain, and it was only in May 2006 that it finally saw its wish granted. Below is the chronological account of the events that led up to the championship official opening on Monday:

June 2004
Garmisch-Partenkirchn City Council unanimously votes in favour of bidding to become the host to the 2011 world championship competition. A success that could be attributed to the support that emanated from the Garmisch Ski Club, led by the Peter Fischer.

May 2005
Mighty Schladming, Austria, becomes the only other candidate still in contention to host the championship.
September 2005
The International Ski Federation Commission arrives in Gap to assess the city’s readiness to organise the event. The main topic of discussion at the time is the long awaited reconstruction of the Kandahar racetrack.

May 2006
On the 25th May 2005, at 06.56pm, at the Congress of the International Ski Federation in Villamoura in Portugal, ithe winner of who is to become the host to the 2011 world championship is announced. GAP took the honour with a 9:6 voting victory over Schladming.

July 2006
The Organising Committee is created with Peter Fischer as its president. The first discussions also take place, and the financial aspects of the organisation are the topic of the day. Furthermore, the provincial government of Bavaria also expressed its willingness to be involved in the organisation of the championship.

February 2009
At the closing ceremony of the World Cup in Val d’Isere, France, representatives of Garmisch-Partenkirchen were handed the world championship flag.

February 2010
The championship mascots “Ga” and “Pa” are presented to a global audience.

March 2010
The federal government contributes a million and a half Euros towards the cultural program taking place throughout the championship. In addition, it is decided to issue a special coin commemorating the world championships.

June 2010
Disaster strikes in Gudiberg. As the Slalom track was being renovating, at the cost of 6 million euros, an unfortunate mudslide caused its collapse. At the same time, the Organising Committee starts the tickets sale.

November 2010
The last problem came from a farmer. The latter refuses to allow his land to be used as part of the finish arena of the Kandahar race track. Despite the numerous negotiations, no agreement is reached. The matter is settled in court later in January.

P. S. Schladming will host the 2013 world championship.

Original text by Urban Lavrenčič translated from the Slovene by Christian Ngalikpima.

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Arabba - Italy - A skiing Odysee!

Posted by V. Gundi under About Ski Resorts
Feb 7, 2011

Arabba is a small town in the area of the Dolomites mountain range in Italy. It is one of the ski villages in the Veneto region, the other ski villages are in the South Tyrol. To ski in Arabba is one of the best skiing experiences. This is one of the most exciting ski resorts in Italy. It is in the Marmolada Mountain, tagged as the Queen of the Dolomites, where most people ski in Arabba. The Arabba village is a great starting point to access the ski slopes.
There are also mountain ridges or passes that surround Arabba; the Passo Camplongo is a towering area between Alta Badia, Corvara and Arabba. The Passo Pardoi is connected by lifts to the area above the resort of Canazei and the Passo Pordon connects the skiers to the Malga Ciepela area and the Marmolada zone. To ski in Arabba and also in its neighboring areas is a must for ski lovers.
Those who do not want to ski in Arabba Italy can participate in the many other activities this place has to offer visitors. A visitor can also try trekking or hiking in the area. There are many tours suggested for people to try. One of these is The Hunter’s Track, where visitors hike through a circular path that will start and end in Arabba and will pass along Cherz Plateau. Visitors can also try the Strada Da La Vena tour where they will come across the alpine forests, wooden hay sheds and pastures. They will also learn the history of Colle Santa Lucia where the Andraz castle is located and where mining is done. Viel Dal Pan is another tour package that follows an easy path from Passo Pordoi and reaches the crest of Portavescovo. Here visitors will see the remarkable views of Lake Fedaia and Marmolada.
A visit to the Arabba village during the summer won’t go to waste. This place is also famous for its recreational activities during the summer such as mountain biking, mountain climbing and cycling. People won’t only love to ski in Arabba but will also have fun with their family and friends participating in the many activities that this memorable destination has to offer. Simply visit Mountvacation.com main site here, and browse through the Arraba hotels as well as other accommodation on offer.

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