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Arabba - Italy - A skiing Odysee!

Posted by V. Gundi under About Ski Resorts
Feb 7, 2011

Arabba is a small town in the area of the Dolomites mountain range in Italy. It is one of the ski villages in the Veneto region, the other ski villages are in the South Tyrol. To ski in Arabba is one of the best skiing experiences. This is one of the most exciting ski resorts in Italy. It is in the Marmolada Mountain, tagged as the Queen of the Dolomites, where most people ski in Arabba. The Arabba village is a great starting point to access the ski slopes.
There are also mountain ridges or passes that surround Arabba; the Passo Camplongo is a towering area between Alta Badia, Corvara and Arabba. The Passo Pardoi is connected by lifts to the area above the resort of Canazei and the Passo Pordon connects the skiers to the Malga Ciepela area and the Marmolada zone. To ski in Arabba and also in its neighboring areas is a must for ski lovers.
Those who do not want to ski in Arabba Italy can participate in the many other activities this place has to offer visitors. A visitor can also try trekking or hiking in the area. There are many tours suggested for people to try. One of these is The Hunter’s Track, where visitors hike through a circular path that will start and end in Arabba and will pass along Cherz Plateau. Visitors can also try the Strada Da La Vena tour where they will come across the alpine forests, wooden hay sheds and pastures. They will also learn the history of Colle Santa Lucia where the Andraz castle is located and where mining is done. Viel Dal Pan is another tour package that follows an easy path from Passo Pordoi and reaches the crest of Portavescovo. Here visitors will see the remarkable views of Lake Fedaia and Marmolada.
A visit to the Arabba village during the summer won’t go to waste. This place is also famous for its recreational activities during the summer such as mountain biking, mountain climbing and cycling. People won’t only love to ski in Arabba but will also have fun with their family and friends participating in the many activities that this memorable destination has to offer. Simply visit main site here, and browse through the Arraba hotels as well as other accommodation on offer.

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